That was more or less what was going to my mind today, shortly after checking the italian newspapers for the outcome of the confidence vote Berlusconi’s government. And, to make it worse, that was during my lunch break !

I really don’t know what to say… The gut reaction is to be totally and utterly disgusted by what happened today. On the other hand, the cynical one, I’m not really. Actually it was kind of expected. So folks, it’s official now (in case you missed it over the past 10 years or so), Italy is a banana republic, de facto. That’s the only thing that you can say when the Prime Minister claims a “political victory” over a confidence vote “won” by three  votes. OMFG !

To save the day, rather unexpectedly, was former public prosecutor, Mr. Antonio Di Pietro. The speech he gave to support the vote against berlusconi’s government was really hitting the nail on the head. He did not spare him anything, he said it all, in his face… and, of course the old fart (pardon my French) could not take it and had to leave. The full speech is on YT, in italian of course, but if you’ve been reading this all the way down here, probably, that’s not a problem.

I am too pissed off crossed to bother to translate the speech but his bottom line was “We are ashamed of you [i.e. mr b.] as the Prime Minister of Italy, you turned this county into a banana republic” (b.t.w., this is  not a proper quote). I am ashamed too. I’ve been living in the U.K. for 6 bloody years now, and every time I mention I am italian I am always AFRAID, somebody might come back with some question or remark about Berlusconi. It’s a relief, when they just come back with the usual good (?!?) old stereotypes: “Oh, Italy, you have really wonderful weather down there… sunny, warm… brilliant!” (hello !?!? I am from Padova, 90% humidity and ~0 deg C in winter and 90% humidity and 30+ deg C in the summer…. yup, really nice indeed) or “Oh I’ve been to ‘WHEREVER’ and the food/wine/whatever was really astounding”… ah such a relief ! At least they are not mentioning mr. b. (lower case intentional).

So, sorry folks, no translation… just learn bloody Italian, will ya ? After all, if I managed with English…

Need to go to bed now, have fun, Peace.