… so off we are! I’ve been playing for a while with the interface, made up a couple of static pages with some general information and wrote some stuff about myself. Now what is really missing is a first post. I’ve been planning to write this during the last week but could never manage to do it because in the evening I was just too tired to bother.
A showery Sunday afternoon sounds like the perfect time to put down some lines and make the whole site live. I hope to make this site not only a blog but also a personal web page with some useful content, mainly for me, but also for the occasional visitor. At the moment it is strongly skewed toward my work but I am not planning to limit the content to that aspect only. As I tried to explain elsewhere, it is primarily to keep track of things I am doing or planning to do at work but, even though at the moment it is quite skewed in that direction, that’s not all that will be found here…
Have fun!