Who is writing here ?

I am a post-doc (research associate) at the Institute of Astronomy in Cambridge (UK) where I joined the Cambridge Astronomical Survey Unit (CASU) in 2005. I spend most of my day time dealing with several Terabytes of near-infrared (NIR) imaging data produced by WFCAM, a wide field camera mounted on the UKIRT telescope located on top of Mauna Kea in Hawaii. When I am not too busy I keep myself busy looking for Supernovae trying to determine their observed cosmic rate and extinction correction.

I married Francesca in August 2006 and we live together in Coton, a small village a few miles west of Cambridge. We met when we were both working on our graduation thesis at the University of Padova (Italy) in 2001. We did out PhD in Padova, although Francesca spent the first year between Berkeley and Seattle and I spent my last year at ESO in Munich. We have been very lucky because we both got a post-doc position not only in the same country, but even at the same institute!

We travel quite often because of our job, which is nice but sometimes very tiring. We love to spend time taking care of our garden, especially in the long summer days. We have immediately started loving the English country side and the its nice open views and we really enjoyed hiking in the Lake and Peak Districts and in Wales but… being Italians we soon started missing real mountains!

I love taking photographs and, after years of shooting with a nice and compact digital Pentax Optio, I (actually, we) finally made the big step toward digital SLR cameras and went for a Nikon D80 with a 18-135mm lens. I’ve been extremely happy and satisfied with my choice ever since.

What is it all about ?

At the beginning of 2007 I decided that I wanted to have a proper web page that I could use for work, friends and fun. This was not due to an over-developed ego but, mostly to necessity and pratical reasons. I am sometimes struggling to keep myself organised, and not only for work matters. I started playing with wordpress and soon liked it. It is very light weight and easy to use but still it does not hide its guts from you, letting you bend it to suits you needs and tastes. I have to confess I was a little bit scared to start a blog: I am not really the writer-type of guy and, although I’ve thought about starting one more than once, I’ve been more than once put off by many reasons which are quite well summarised here. But here I am. I cannot tell exactly what you will find on this blog as I don’t know yet. I plan to start using it as a convenient digital notebook where I can make some of my thoughts “sticky”. I don’t know how things will evolve, but I am starting it mainly for my own use. I will let comments open anyway and if anybody will be willing to provide feedback or comments they are more than welcome. Of course any rubbish will go where it belongs to: the trash bin. Fair enough.

Being an astronomer, a lot of the stuff will deal with my job and its delights, headaches, worries and achivements but it will not be limited to that at all. I am not definitively the all-science-and-research guy and, altough I love my job and dedicate to it with more than just committment, I have many other interestes. Have fun, I really hope you’ll enjoy it!




2 Responses to “About”

  1. Andrea Says:

    ciao marco, ho visto un articolo about cambridge sul corriere.it e mi sei venuto in mente.. quindi curiosando, cercando.. ho trovato questa tua pagina.
    E mi è venuta voglia di salutarti..
    beh.. ciao ciao, un abbraccio.

    1. mriello Says:

      Ciao Andrea,
      fa sempre piacere ritrovare i vecchi compagni di cammino. Un abbraccio e un saluto anche a te, a presto ! Ciao ciao

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