Steve Munro

Steve Munro

This is a very sad moment.

Yesterday evening I went down to my favourite pub in Cambridge, The Live And Let Live, after about a month since I had been there. I had not been around for most June and I was quite looking forward to meet Steve, my Scottish friend. I was utterly shocked to find out from Haggis, shortly after ordering my pint, that Steve Munro passed away about two weeks ago. He died of natural causes and was found dead in his house a few days after not showing up at work.

I’ve met Steve down at the Live and Let Live  about three years ago. Since then we had become quite good friends and we spent very pleasant evenings sipping nice real ales and chatting about anything from politics to history, religion, books, science, real ales (of course!) and whiskys, and our lifes. We always had a great time and the only comfort now are the good memories. Last summer I met his Chinese girlfriend who came over to the UK to visit him. I do remember her name but there is no way I would be able to spell it correctly so I’ll rather leave it. Anyway, she was really nice and friendly and, most importantly, they seemed to have a very good time together. A few months ago he mentioned they were planning to get married by the end of the year… I really hope his brother (whose name I don’t actually know) will manage to get in touch with her.

At the beginning of this year we started to head down to the Devonshire Arms after the Live and Let Live had close down for a final pint before going to bed. We suddenly fell in love with Nero and Marcus Aurelius, two fantastic pints brewed by the local Milton Brewery. At the end of May we met down there, it must have been a Wednesday or a Thursday, and spent a very nice evening chatting with Dom and the rest of the bar staff. Our passion for real ales was what brought us closer but then it quickly evolved into a rather close friendship.

He was project manager at Cambridge SOFA, a local charity. I think he was doing a terrific job down there and I am sure he will be really missed by his volunteers and trustees. Today I’ve been searching the web madly trying to find out any information about his death but I was rather depressed to find very little, if anything at all. He was proud of his un-traceability, “you can’t find me on Google”, he told me several times… well now I wish I could have. I’ve only managed to find a picture from some politician that supported the charity… and that’s about it.

You will be greatly missed Steve ! I just opened a fine bottle of Brewdog Tokyo Stout, and I am having it while writing this, I am sure you would approve,

Slangevar Steve, it had been a pleasure and an honor to have met you,

Your Friend