I got back from my observing trip on the Big Island on the 24th of May but on the 26th I was on the road, or better the air, again on my way to Faro, Portugal. This time in full holiday-mode, with my son Martino and my wife Francesca.

I’ve finally managed to sort out the few photographs I took during my trip to the Big Island and posted them on my Flickr account. I did not have much time to retouch them but I still think they are decent enough… hey, I am not trying to win a contest !

To my utter disappointment I found out that WordPress (the hosted service, not the software) does not let me embed a Flickr slideshow into a post, nor embed an image. What a shame, Flickr is so ubiquitous that I can’t see why it is not supported ! Anyway, I guess I’ll have to use good ol’ links:


The observing run sucked a bit because I never got a full night of observations but, on the other hand, I was very happy that working at high altitude was not bothering me at all. On the contrary, I managed to put together a major refactoring of the VISTA quality control software modules which was a real winner. It was a good trip also because I am now much more familiar with the observing procedures at UKIRT and therefore have a better understanding of why, every now and them, I might find some odd data sets while doing the data processing for CASU. The last time I observed was ages ago, back in 2005 at La Silla, so I really enjoyed being observing again. It gave me a nice feeling of being back to the basics (even though nowadays observing means more or less to click a couple of button with a little more excitement only if you are doing some spectroscopy). It was a romantic feeling because the age of astronomers sitting at the telescopes taking data all night long is nearly over, superseded by automated surveys, large programs and service-mode observing (it’s cheaper, and s0 the government can save some extra money to drop a few more bombs on some other country they don’t happen to like very much).

After the run I spent a few days driving around the Big Island to pay a visit to the several nice spots I did not have a change to see during my first visit with Francesca in 2002. What made the visit even better was that, after the observing run, I was taking advantage of the kind hospitality of Luca. We shared the office back during our PhD back in Padova. It is quite curious that he ended up being a support astronomer for the UKIRT telescope and I ended up being processing all the WFCAM data produced by UKIRT… it’s really a small world ! We had very nice meals in Hilo (Chinese, Country-style Japanese and Thai) and plenty of time to for light chats about our work and the nice interactions with ‘satisfied customers’, about trying to do home-style italian cooking in a foreign country and the funny situations italians always get involved in when living abroad (e.g. people telling you: ‘oh, you’re italian ! I wonder how is your carbonara chicken !?!’ and then trying to explain them that, well, carbonara chicken is neither an italian dish nor something an italian would normally be tempted by). It was good fun. My only regret is not having done this before when it would have been much easier for Francesca to come along as well ! If STFC doesn’t screw it up, it might still be possible in a few years time…