I’ve definitely been idle on this (sort of) blog for much longer than I’ve been active but the last five months have been quite hectic and I just could not find neither enough time nor energy to write new posts in the evening. I don’t think it does make much sense to write here about the last months so I’ll rather draw a line and just start it all over again.
Life is not going to get any easier over the next months either: my wife and I are expecting a baby, due on Sept. 12, and… well that’s probably enough for keeping us busy for quite a while, I guess. I hope I’ll resist the temptation of posting too many cheesy baby pictures… we have now some friends visiting with Anna, a cute 8-months-old baby girl and I managed to took some 40 pictures in just fifteen minutes on the afternoon they arrived. I guess becoming a “Daddy” will be a big change but still it is not easy to make forecasts at the moment.