August 2007

Finally after almost two years, we got our first Quynh Hoa flowers! Probably you’ve never heard about it before but that would not be too surprising: it is a Vietnamese plant. The most exciting thing about this plant are the flowers: they only start blooming at night and by the next morning they are gone. One of the popular names of the plant is indeed “Queen of the night”. Another interesting “feature” of the flower is that its stalks grows off one of the leaves of plant.
We received a little branch from Pierre and Hoang Mai, his wife, just before they left Cambridge to move back to Paris in winter 2005. We planted it in a nice pot and did not see much going on for the rest of the winter: it was just staying there without showing much signs of life. Then spring came and it suddenly started growing at an amazing rate: about 1cm in 24 hours! It was really impressive and we actually have to move it to a larger pot because we were afraid the other one was not large enough to cope with the growth rate.


I’ve definitely been idle on this (sort of) blog for much longer than I’ve been active but the last five months have been quite hectic and I just could not find neither enough time nor energy to write new posts in the evening. I don’t think it does make much sense to write here about the last months so I’ll rather draw a line and just start it all over again.
Life is not going to get any easier over the next months either: my wife and I are expecting a baby, due on Sept. 12, and… well that’s probably enough for keeping us busy for quite a while, I guess. I hope I’ll resist the temptation of posting too many cheesy baby pictures… we have now some friends visiting with Anna, a cute 8-months-old baby girl and I managed to took some 40 pictures in just fifteen minutes on the afternoon they arrived. I guess becoming a “Daddy” will be a big change but still it is not easy to make forecasts at the moment.